This page has been but together by members of the Anti Colonialist Working Group and other individuals and allies. We are principled anti-fascists and take offense to the Canadian state’s hijacking of anti-fascist sentiment for its own hypocritical and nationalist ends. We salute those who fought against Naziism in WWII and all the brave women and men who fought fascism in other wars. May they always be remembered, and may we be ever vigilant and merciless against the forces of evil and domination.


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  • You are about as ridiculous as they come. Remembrance day is about remembering those who died for our freedom. Nothing more, nothing less. Your idea that this is some kind of larger conspiracy of sorts is ludicrous. You have a choice to join the military in Canada, you are not forced to do anything. Your idea that remembrance day is some kind of religious experience is stupid and baseless. You cant back up any of your ramblings by citing sources. You just go on and on. “Canada fought Naziism because it was a threat to the economic interests of the powerful.” Can you cite this anywhere? No Proof? Just your crazy words..

    “Your grandparents didn’t fight the Nazis so the government could trick you into state-worship and unconditional support for the military.”

    Who has unconditional support for the military. This is not the case with many in Canada, you have a choice, and nobody is going to force you to think otherwise. This is Canada, not USA.

    You keep saying words, without any citations. Its a poorly written rant..

    “The freedom to bomb the third world to smithereens and steal their resources wasn’t what grand pappy had in mind.”

    Who are we bombing to smithereens? Who are we stealing resources from?

    “We should all be very ashamed.” No, you should be ashamed.

    “But we did not join the military in order to better our financial situation”

    I highly doubt you have ever talked to anyone in the military. In canada people join the army to make the world a better place. You keep forgetting this is Canada. Not the USA.

    “We dream of a day when Canadian soldiers desert their posts after killing their commanding officers!”

    These are the words of a psycho path with no real thought. Fighting fire with fire is a loosing battle and only makes you look childish and mentally challenged.

    You sound like someone with crazy thoughts in your head and nothing better to do. You cant change things in a rational way. You are not of level mind, crazy. You sound like you would jump at the chance of violence (your website has very nice Molotov Cocktails design, perhaps because you are not smart enough to make change in a peaceful meaningful way). So very sad. Keep living your useless life. You will die, accomplishing nothing because of your stupidity.

    I have and will continue to enjoy ripping down those hateful posters you placed everywhere. Money well spent right?

    • dear guy on queen st,

      thanks for your interest in our poster. we were hoping to turn a few heads. the statement by the anti colonialist working group was written as a polemic. it’s not an academic article, and wasn’t intended have citations. the point was to provoke a response – clearly it worked. now that we’ve got you all riled up, maybe you can spend some time thinking about the significance of remembrance day. you say it’s “a day to remember those who died for our freedom.” please ask yourself the following: who’s freedom were they fighting for, and is freedom shared equally across the board, or are some people more free than others? what does fighting a war in a country like afghanistan or libya have to do with your freedom? and if they did fight for freedom, what would the significance of remembering their sacrifice be? should WWII vets simply be remembered? or should their memory be a call to vigilance and resistance to all forms of fascism and domination? there are lots of questions like these that will never come up in the mainstream discourse on remembrance day.

      regarding canada’s intentions in WWII, it’s clear from canada’s treatment of the mackenzie papineau battalion that canada had no ideological opposition to fascism and was fighting merely out of self interest. the fact that canada was willing to turn away boatloads of jewish refugees illustrates that they had no compassion for jews fleeing the holocaust. and canada’s current willingness to overlook elements of fascism like jobbik in hungary – in this case in order to scapegoat roma refugees here – is evidence that not much has changed in canada’s attitude toward fascism.

      for an analysis on canadian imperialism and foreign policy i recommend you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. if you want some help here’s a few leads:




      oh, and the posters are zero cost to us. we’re funded by george soros, don’t you know? lmao. and thanks for the green paint recently. it adds a nice highlight.

  • steve says:

    You guys are fucking idiots. Proof that mindless rhetoric combined with wifi and a severe lack of consequences breeds the lowliest of mouth breathers spouting hatred from the safety of whatever fair trade cafe will allow you to loiter to swipe their free internet.

    I am not angry with you and my thinking is clear. Too bad you have to use such lovely words like, “Fuck the troops” to try and get your feeble point across. By the way, in telling people, “Fuck the troops” you invite the reactions you are undoubtedly editing to appear to be on the moral high ground.

  • Paul Smith says:

    Stop putting politics into Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day was created simply to remember Canadians past and present who left their loved ones and lost their lives. This November, take some time out of your busy life to remember the poor 18 year old kid who lost his life in the Mud in Somme France 1916. Or the 20 something clerk who was hit by an I.E.D. when being transported across Afghanistan.

    You’ve got an interesting argument but it doesn’t really apply to Canada. None the less continue to use your right to protest and free speech, just grow up a little and do it on a less somber day.

    P.S. Your Molotov cocktail images, and coarse language make you and your group look like a bunch of 15 year old anarchists. I would love to see the modern feudal system we live in be dismantled but if people are eating three times a day and earning enough money to go on vacations annually then there will never be enough motivation for change. This isn’t France in 1789.

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